Do we have enough? The problem with sharing

Over my lifetime I have tried to pair myself down to two dresses, two pair of shoes, a bowl, a cup ( I love tea) and a warm blanket. I haven’t made it, but I have come close.

The average American home contains 300,000 things. Per family that is 300,000 toys, gadgets, kitchen appliances, mementos, books, and unidentified stationary objects.

So since we have enough stuff, perhaps junk, to build housing for the homeless, what are we hanging onto?

It is notĀ  my intention to shame anyone. According to my friend Andrew Mellen who wrote “Unstuff YourĀ  Life” ( our most effective relationship to our stuff is to determine what we need and after that donate or give away the old things that we replace.

Adventures in courage and kindness

Need and help get a bad reputation these days.

But if you need a hand full of love, I have plenty to offer.

We all do.

People complain, but if you notice they complain about groups, and as ugly as that is, they soften in the face of a person. Especially a person in need.

I know that people are mostly kind most of the time because I grew up with people who were fully aware they did not have to be kind. They used histories on concentration camps as parenting guides.

What was that like? Terrifying. Hysterical.

But I noticed so many other things.

Nuns who washed me off and dumped me into baskets of clean habits just out of the dryers.

Teachers who tried to help me, and nearly lost their jobs. but had the the courage to stick to their beliefs.

College professors who helped me learn to become an adult.

Managers who taught me a livable professionally.

Friends who helped me get back on my feet a number of times throughout my life.

Have you had hand up in your life?

Then don’t be afraid to return the favor.

We have plenty of courage to go around.